About Us

About us

Coomera Dry Cleaning & Laundry Serviceswas originally established in 1995 at Sir John Overall Drive in Helensvale where all the dry-cleaning, pressing and repairs were done all under the one premises.

Due to the increased workload and lack of space we moved our operations to a larger facility, which is where we are now at Sierra place in Upper Coomera.

This complex consists of 3 factories. The 3 factories now do dry cleaning and laundry for both local customers and commercial customers. We also expanded to cater for Brisbane clients with vans travelling to Brisbane twice a day.

Some of our commercial customers on the Gold Coast include:

Sea World Park

Sea World Resort

Movie World



And many other high rises and motels scattered throughout the coast.

Brisbane customers include:

Emporium Hotel

Hotel Grand Chancellor

Royal Albert

Four Points (Sheraton)

Jen Hotel

And other smaller motels

At the Coomera shop we are open 7 days catering for local and commercial customers with same day service.

Coomera Dry Cleaning & Laundry Services” offers its valued clientele a number of distinct advantages. Our facility is equipped with exclusive, cutting edge and high end equipment.

With many years of experience, we guarantee that our services and the cleaning process will give you complete satisfaction.

Our process and the equipment are the best in the industry.

We use environmentally safe, in-house dry cleaning methods and provide the highest quality services.

Coomera Dry Cleaning & Laundry Services” continues to offer great service at competitive prices by offering consumers a wide variety of services.

Satisfaction is our motto which makes our customers comfortable with bringing anything, from off-the-rack styles to designer brands. We are proud of the job that we do.

Contact us for more information at (07) 5500 0559